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The Stottie By Robert Olley Print - For all Stottie Lovers

The Stottie By Robert Olley Print - For all Stottie Lovers

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The Stottie - a print of the iconic 1992 pen & ink drawing by Bob Olley - artist of The Westhoe Netty and North East Royalty - what can we say!

In 1992 - Greggs commissioned Bob Olley to create an artwork to celebrate the production of the 100th million stottie. The original was given as a prize - won by Mrs Maureen Dunn - proudly pictured receiving her prize in the attached photos. In 2023 Phil Dunn, son of Maureen contacted us to see if we would like to have the use of the picture (with the kind permission and agreement of Bob and Greggs) for use by the bakery to raise money for our community projects. How very kind. Photos' show Bob Olley and family of Maureen Dunn presenting us with the picture July 2023.

You can now buy a copy of this print (A3 size)- only available from Big River Bakery. If you would like this posted abroad - please contact gail@bigriverbakery for shipping costs. Please allow 14 days for delivery as these will be professionally printed to order.

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