We work at being a vibrant business but can do so much more with partners. You might be an individual, group, charity, company, or multinational, here are just a few ways we can work together to deliver on mutual goals.

Check out our social impact report 2023 

  • Partner with us on a project, across all facets of delivery from concept to legacy.
  • Financially support us in specific areas of delivery, for example a programme for schools.
  • Help us to buy additional baking equipment to strengthen our training offer.
  • Bid together for stronger funding bids and greater project reach.
  • Share knowledge and skills
  • Choose us for a corporate, group, or gift workshop
  • Hire our space
  • Ways you can support Big River Bakery and how we can support you.

Delivering Social Value

If you are interested in a partnership with Big River Bakery then please download our Corporate Social Value Brochure

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