Kids Baking Roman Bread

MARCH 2023 in summary

We had a great month in March - we launched our Kindness Cookie - appeared on TV and posted lots of stottie cakes across the UK amongst our daily work. March saw us working together with the local school to provide free baking sessions to tie in with the curriculum making Roman bread. This month also concluded our 6 month Shieldfield Weaving project with local artists in residence to the bakery and supported by Newcastle Council. This was a great success and saw many members of the community getting together to learn new skills and form new friendships. A Massive Thank You to everyone who supported us by visiting the bakery, attending a course, ordering on-line stotties and merchandise, donating directly or suggesting someone to be the recipient of our weekly Kindness Cookie. Your support makes a HUGE difference.

We even appeared on GMTV as part of the Warm Hub initiative - never a dull moment

Here's a summary of what we got up to in  March in the community.

230 x free breakfasts provided to local schools

60 x free baking / craft places on our warm hub sessions.

Free Warm Hub Baking

18 x kids baking - term time curriculum - Roman Bread making!

School baking - Roman Spelt Bread

Supported 18 x homeless / people in need with free hot food & drinks.

Free food every Wednesday - we served 60 x portions soup & rolls plus 50 x pieces of savoury pie.

All surplus food distributed to families / pop up pantries / homeless charities/ schools.

Posted 3 x free Kindness Cookies to recipients across the UK

Prices kept affordable (as much as we can!) across our range of food sold in the shop.

More pics from March

GMTV with Kate Hemmingway


Kids Baking Session

Kids Baking


Shieldfield Weaves 6 month art project

Shieldfield Weaves Project

Kids and weaving

The Power of the Stottie! We posted about 1000 stottie cakes across the UK this month.

Stottie Cake delivery across the UK