Super Scotty the Stottie Cake

August - September 2023 In Summary

Autumn is here and already I'm sat with the heating on and the summer holiday seem but a distant dream!

It's been a packed summer  - here at Big River Bakery - and I thought I would share a few things that we have been up to in the community - with your support - THANK YOU.

In August we helped Christchurch Primary school who had organised 4 x outings for the children of refugee families. We supported this by supplying 200 free lunches of sandwiches, fruit, crisps and a sweet item.

We also held 4 free baking sessions for local kids during the holidays and a free workshop for our friends @ Woodshed Workshop CIC, making our famous stottie cakes!


We also collaborated with our neighbours - SlugTown - and their community art project 'Company', making saltdough sculptures, baking and a community meal.

August also saw our meals for homeless/ those in need almost double - with 160 meals claimed - 8 x the number in January 2023.

September - and we are back to supplying daily breakfasts to schools  - 190 provided in September. Due to the demand in the homeless meals - we are having to limit these per day - but we still served 109 meals during September. Everyone has been extremely generous on our push for donations  - but I find at the beginning of October we only have sufficient donations left for 66 meals. We are supplementing our donations with some money set aside from our crowdfunder last year (which we have tried to distribute across the year to help support our projects.) We will continue to maintain our current projects and look at creative ways in which we can achieve this.

On Friday 13th (!) we have our launch of our new children's book - The Adventures of Super Scotty the Stottie Cake - written by Gail and illustrated beautifully by Jane Burn. This year we are helping support Chuf - Children's Heart Unit Fund at the Freeeman hospital - where children with the more serious heart & respiratory problems are helped from across the UK. Half the profits will go to Chuf and half to support our own children's projects. Price is £7.99 - when you buy - not only do receive this wonderfully illustrated book -  but you are also supporting 2 great causes for children. Available to pre-order now. 

Super Scotty Book - pre-order now

Last thing - wasn't it sad to hear about Sycamore Gap! Gail wrote a poem and it has reached over 1.75 million people on Social Media as we speak. Here it is if you haven't seen it.


The Sycamore's Lament

Weep not for me,

A Sycamore tree

This day would surely come,

You who have visited me,

Shared your love and grief with me

My roots are still here

Though my branches are gone.

Come and stand for a while 

And you may still hear

The wind playing soft through my leaves

As the birds sing their song

Of an old tree's lament

Where I stood over 100 years.

Everything changes

All beauty must die

Or wither and fade or decay

And man must destroy

What he loves most in the world

Through anger, or greed or dismay.

So do not forget me

A sycamore tree

A symbol of ancient folk-lore

Remember a place where a great tree once stood

Now a gap, with a sycamore

No more.

Gail Lawler


For those interested in numbers - here's how we have helped the local community over August - September - all with your support - so a big THANK YOU once again to you all x

Breakfasts to local schools = 190 = £570

Lunches to refugee children outings = 200 x £5 = £1000

Meals for homeless = 269 =  £2017.50 (£1345 in donated £5 cards) - the need has quadrupled since the beginning of the year

Wednesday free food for all -  8 days - 160 portions -£280

Free Community Baking Kids -5 sessions - £1750 

Free Kindness Cookies  - 8 x £10 = £80

Plus we endeavour to keep the products in our shop as low and affordable as possible.