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The Curious Incident of the Jam Tart

The Curious Incident of the Jam Tart

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A wonderful children’s themed baking book written by our very own Gail Lawler and wonderfully illustrated by award winning poet and illustrator Jane Burn.

The story follows the adventure of 12 year old Olivia Bailey who finds that she has to stay the whole of the summer holidays with her Grandma who runs the ‘Three Sisters’ café in the small village of Bampton. With no internet and no friends, Olivia is pretty miserable until a curious adventure makes her re-assess the situation. Part fairy tale, partly about the pains of growing up, this is a magical story (think Alice in Wonderland). Comes complete with Jam Tart recipe to encourage baking activities with kids.

Paperback measures 11.5″ x 8″ and is approx. 10,000 words 35 pages with 5 full page – full coloured illustrations

All profits from sales helps fund our community activities – Thankyou – The Big River Team

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